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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Guest Post: David Orgas

David Orgas is one of the most interesting people I've met. As far as I can tell, he has a photographic memory. He runs a complex fantasy football league that I'm lucky enough to participate in, and, as far as I can tell, he has never forgotten anything football-related in his life. Recently David completed work on Dare to Dream: The Alan Kulwicki Story, (he is the writer, director, and executive producer) which you can purchase on eBay here. (If the previous link dies, search for "Kulwicki movie.") I haven't seen the movie yet, as it was just released on DVD, and I don't live near any of the locations where it is being screened, but I will see it soon. I'm not a Nascar fan at all, but Kulwicki's story is pretty amazing regardless of how you feel about Nascar, and David is an excellent storyteller. Here is a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article about the making of the movie. You should check it out, especially if you have a Nascar fan in the family.

David is also a big Packer fan, and he broke down this terrible season as follows:

There are two main reasons for the Packers' abysmal record this season:

Personnel and Coaching.

Personnel: When the receiving corps took major losses the Packers brass did nothing to shore up the holes except bring Andrae Thurman back. Tonight he ran an "in" on the interception return for a TD when Favre threw an "out". When Favre throws an "out" and the receiver runs an "in" you can be certain that the receiver was wrong. Especially if the receiver is Andrae Thurman. On the final Packer drive, he let a pass go right through his hands inside the 10 yard line. Both hands were on it, the defender did not deflect the ball (as Michaels suggested might have occurred) but he dropped it anyway. Had he caught a ball placed in his hands by Favre we would have had 1st and goal from the 7 or 8 and a chance to go up by 4 points.

Good thing we didn't sign Andre Davis after he was cut by the Patriots earlier this season. He's only a receiver who caught an average of 40 balls per year for the Browns with deep speed and the ability to return kickoffs for scores. We don't even have that! Chatman is a sub-par return specialist who is extremely limited as a receiver. He missed a ball on that last drive just before Thurman's drop. Unless he is uncovered running crossing routes he has little value. Davis could have helped in both areas with his size/speed.

Personnel: Jason Horton is in our secondary.

Coaching: It took Sherman half the season to realize Adrian Klemm cannot play guard. He still hasn't figured out that Wil Whittaker cannot play either. Every game Whittaker gets beat badly (I mean, he completely misses his blocks and assignments). Eventually he may realize that he could move Tauscher inside to RG and start Kevin Barry at RT. Tauscher has played more snaps at RG than Whittaker may ever play (since Sherman is likely to be fired at the end of the season and no other coach would be likely to play Whittaker again).

Coaching: If KGB cannot stop the run in the second half of games then KGB needs to come out until a passing down occurs. This is simple logic. Bryant McKinnie is not a road-grader as a run blocker and yet he made KGB look like a rag-doll most of the game.

Coaching: If the only player the opponent can complete a pass to is their TE, then we should cover their TE. Of course, this has been a re-occurring theme.

Coaching: Mike Sherman has lost more games at Lambeau than he has won. Maybe not, but it's getting close.

Personnel: Wouldn't Odell Thurman have looked good on this defense? Many publications, including the Packer Plus, thought he was the 1st round pick for the Green and Gold. Instead we took Rogers. You cannot prepare for the retirement of Brett Favre with a QB. That guy is screwed. If you want to prepare for the end of Favre's era you have to do 3 things: Make him stay around longer by supplying him with weapons and a chance to win (delay the end). Build a strong defense that can keep you in games (ala Chicago). Maintain your running game so whoever the QB is, he has a chance (i.e. have solid guards).

Personnel: Is it too late to get in on the Reggie Bush sweepstakes???


  • Okay, I lack David's qualifications other than spending too much time thinking about the Packers, but I pretty much agree with all of his assertions and have independently noticed most of them.

    I think the crucial difference is clearly our lack of a running game because of an inability to find adequate replacements at guard, or to start the right players. I have no idea why they haven't tried starting Barry. Wasn't the excuse that they liked the him so much in the I-72 formation? I cannot see how that is more important than RG. Because the errors are mental Whitacker may be able to fix that for next year or as the season goes. Still, why not give him the simpler I72 2nd TE position to Whitacker and give Barry a starting spot? Other than that potential move I think we just lack players at Guard and coaching can only do so much about that. Wahle was apparently worth negotiating a contract extension for because I think we could fill or compensate for one guard spot.

    To further back up David:
    They year we won the Super Bowl we also had a severe rash of injuries to WR and still found productive replacements.
    Thurman would play at a crucial trouble spot on D outside LB. Or Barnett would move out there.
    Thorton was repeatedly torched last year. The kid can't play.

    By Anonymous Scott, at 2:47 PM  

  • I hadn't read anything by David Orgas before, but I'm impressed with his commentary on the Packers. Couldn't agree more on Andrae Thurman. And Andre Davis has always been near the top of my most-overrated list. I was stunned when the Patriots cut him in September and even more stunned when no one else picked him up and the Patriots were able to re-sign him three weeks later.

    By Blogger MDS, at 11:37 AM  

  • Amen on Davis. I was hopin they'd sign him the day that the Pats released him.

    Dave is a smart guy. I think he's especially dead on with his analysis of the offesnive line. There is no reason not to use Kevin Barry like that. He's a much better alternative.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 12:46 PM  

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