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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Pilgrimage

I made my annual pilgrimage to Lambeau Field on Sunday to see the beleaguered Pack take on the Steelers. There are more pornography stores on the drive up than I remember.

I had good seats this year, on the 30 yard line on what I believe was the south side of the field. Do you remember when Adrian Klemm and Bubba Franks jumped offsides on two consecutive plays turning a third and goal at the three into a third and goal at the 13, forcing the pack into an obvious passing situation which allowed the Steelers to blitz resulting in a Favre fumble and a Polamalu touchdown return? That happened right in front of me. So I was on that side of the field.

Kevin Barry also deserves some blame on that play as he missed a signal that he was supposed to be on the field, and, since he's rather large and slow, he wasn't able to get out there in time, which forced them to waste a timeout, which screwed up their momentum and led to the false start penalties.

I still had fun of course. It's great to be there, no one peed in the sinks for the first time that I can remember, and the crowd was into it. (Partially because an embarrassing number of Steeler fans made their way into the stadium. Terrible Towels everywhere.) But it was a complete disaster football-wise. We may have gone from having the best guards in the league to the having the worst guards in the league. That's quite a downgrade. Favre was under constant assault, and when he did get time it was because he made it himself.

And you could tell that it affected his play. On the play before Longwell missed his field goal (It looked to me like B.J. pulled a Dan Marino and didn't spin the laces, but whether it was his fault of Ryan's fault, Ryan has no confidence in B.J. That much is clear.), Favre missed a wide open Driver in the end zone because he was so worried about pressure that he checked down to Franks way too early.

The defense actually played pretty well, not allowing the Steelers to convert a single third down, and keeping them to a mere 13 points, even though they were on a short field all day long. Al Harris is having an absolutely sensational season, shutting down a premiere NFL receiver (Hines Ward, 1 catch for 12 yards. The one catch came when Harris was forced to pick up Randle-El because one of the other corners was out of position) for the second consecutive week. If he fails to make the Pro-Bowl there is no justice in this world.

When Driver failed to make an easy catch at his own 25 yard line and instead had it go off of his helmet and into the hands of a Steeler defenseman, it was clear that this was going to be like every other game this year. They were in it until the very end, but if they make mistakes they don't have the horses to overcome them. Such was the case on Sunday.

But there was beer, so it wasn't all bad.


  • I could tell on TV there were a lot of Steelers fans there. I assume that means a lot of the locals are selling out on eBay? I was thinking about what the result of this terrible season and the impending retirement of Favre will be as far as ticket sales. How many more years like this until Packer tickets are easy to get?

    By Blogger MDS, at 1:31 PM  

  • Hey were the Packers' 3rd & 4th WR's actually invisible? You never saw them on TV.

    By Anonymous Scott, at 1:39 PM  

  • It looks like they're already easy to get.

    I couldn't tell you who their fourth WR was. Their third was Andre Thurman. I think he even had a catch. Really, if Driver wasn't open there was no option. Chatman was OK for a bit, but he disappeared over time.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 2:03 PM  

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