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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Republican Meltdown In The House?

Check out the TNR Blog, The Plank:

Hey, if you haven't been watching it, the House GOP has lost their first floor vote since, well since I started working here in 1997.

The new "leadership" team is flailing. Moderates are talking of fielding a leadership candidate in January, the right wingers are about to drive the moderates out into the rice paddies, it's absolute anarchy.

There's more, including this:

The reasons for voting against it were pretty obvious. Massive cuts in popular education programs. Cuts in home heating assistance while prices are skyrocketing. And the list goes on. Moderate republicans could get away with these votes when the President was doing well, but they can't now. Instead of making them take fewer of these votes, the wackos on the right are making them take more. They are p*ssed that the leadership isn't stepping in and saving them...

Now think about this: one of the very next votes scheduled for today is the Republican budget cutting bill that had to be pulled from the floor [last week] for lack of votes. The moderates have been whipsawed by the leadership and cajoled (dropping the ANWR provision), and they won't budge. The mood must be very sour over there.



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