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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Rough Week For Moneyball

First Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta is fired, and then Red Sox GM Theo Epstein turns down a contract offer from the Red Sox, and is now effectively a free agent:

Epstein had come close to agreeing to a deal Saturday evening but had not officially conveyed acceptance of it. On Sunday, he began having serious misgivings about staying on. A leading contributing factor, according to sources close to the situation, was a column in Sunday's Boston Globe in which too much inside information about the relationship between Epstein and his mentor, team president and CEO Larry Lucchino, was revealed -- in a manner slanted too much in Lucchino'’s favor. Epstein, according to these sources, had several reasons to believe Lucchino was a primary source behind the column and came to the realization that if this information were leaked hours before Epstein was going to agree to a new long-term deal, it signaled excessive bad faith between him and Lucchino.

This is a disaster for the Red Sox, especially since money was apparently not a factor. It's a shame to lose the most talented GM in the game simply because of egos. We used to see that kind of thing from Steinbrenner, but he recently reupped on Brian Cashman (an excellent GM in his own right), and he seems to have figured things out. You do not want to be emulating the Steinbrenner of old.

Let's hope that in 100 years a slighty robotic Dan Shaughnessy isn't writing about the "curse of the Epsteino."

Update: As if on cue from the Daily Quickie at ESPN Page 2:

Let the Curse of Theo begin.


  • I don't really see what makes Cashman such an excellent GM. Couldn't lots of guys put together a team that good with that much money? It seems like every time a big-money Yankee doesn't play well, we hear after the fact that it was Steinbrenner who wanted him, and every time a big-money Yankee does play well, we hear after the fact that it was Cashman who wanted him. I'm not convinced.

    By Blogger MDS, at 1:49 PM  

  • I cheered for the Sox last year when they won it all, but this year they've shown that they're as tough to pull for as the Yankees. You'd think they'd stop complaining so much in the media after the WS win, but they didn't. And now the front office is acting like this. How stupid.

    By Blogger Mike, at 3:53 PM  

  • I think when you have the Yankees job it's hard to tell how you're doing as a GM, because the resources are so great, but they are still finite, and Cashman seems to be good at doing some of the little things (especially pitching, with guys like Chacon and Small). This is the reason that I think he does a good job. They take some flyers on big name guys, but they usually do keep a few home grown guys, and "steals" in reserve.

    He's not great, but I think he's certainly above average.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 4:11 PM  

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