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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sony is Spying

Earlier in a comments, Rashid reminded us that Sony installed some "questionable" software on our equipment. How questionable?

As the EFF explains, the EULA says that 1) if your house gets burgled, you have to delete all your music from your laptop when you get home; 2) you can't keep your music on any computers at work; 3) if you move out of the country, you have to delete all your music; 4) you must install any and all updates, or else lose the music on your computer; 5) Sony-BMG can install and use backdoors in the copy protection software or media player to "enforce their rights" against you, at any time, without notice. And the list goes on.

Make no mistake about it, Sony is spying on you, and they will be sued for this at some point.


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