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Monday, December 19, 2005

Football Questions

So, are the Colts still the favorites?

Of course they are. They'll have home field throughout and a first round bye. That in and of itself makes them one of the favorites, and they're also still a very good team.

Any weaknesses though?

All teams have weaknesses. You can stop the Colt offense by beating their receivers mercilessly while avoiding "illegal contact" calls, and getting pressure on Manning. This is easier said than done. The Chargers pulled it off on Sunday, but if not for a few brain farts, the colts probably would have won the game anyways. The Colts are still monsters, and it is best not to put too much emphasis on one game.

If you want to beat them, you have to limit possessions. The Colts are probably going to score more than your team over the long haul, so turn the game into the "short haul." Run effectively, take as much time off of the clock as you can, even in the first quarter, and get in front early. Be physical with Harrison and Wayne, and get pressure with your front four. If you're going to blitz, you'd better disguise it well. All of this is easier said than done.

How do you feel about Rex Grossman?

I don't think we've seen enough of Rex to know much, but what we do know is that he is about a million billion times betters than every other Bear QB over the last 2 years. Chad Hutchinson, Jeff Blake, Craig Krenzel, Kyle Orton, and Kordell Stewart are the suckiest bunch of sucks that have ever sucked, and even with those guys the Bears haven't been terrible. Rex is at least average, and with that defense they are now a very dangerous team. Until Rex gets hurt again.

Are the Vikings done?

Yes sir. That ship has sailed.

Will Matt Millen be fired?

Absolutely. A wise man once said to follow the money, and that ended up with a President being fired too. In the Lions' case, Matt Millen is actually going to start costing the Ford's some serious cash. That point is quickly approaching, and I expect Millen to be fired shortly after the season. They just can't afford to keep the guy around. It's impossible.

Is there any way that he sticks around?

There is always the "Fontes Effect." If Millen's team manages to win their last two games (@ NO, @Pitt), and look good in doing so that might be enough to keep him around, but it is very unlikely.

Are people reading too much into the Patriots' late season surge?

Is the Pope Catholic? Of course they are. The Pats aren't a bad team, but they are not what they were. They could still be dangerous in the playoffs, but they're going to have to win 3 playoff games to make a return trip to the Super Bowl, and most of those games will not be in Foxboro. That is a tall task.

Who is the worst team in football?

The Texans. They can't even lose properly.

Jeff Garcia or Joey Harrington?


Which NFC teams will make the playoffs?

Seattle, Carolina, Chicago, New York, Washington, and Tampa.

No surprises?

Sorry, not this year. Dallas is too far back and they have a tough road game at Carolina. Minnesota is too stupid. Atlanta's QB can't pass.

What about the AFC?

New England, Cinci, Indy, Denver, Jacksonville, Pitt.

No San Diego?

They have a brutal schedule. Jacks and Pitt play JV teams the rest of the way.

Is Seattle any good, or are they just the beneficiaries of a bad division?

They're OK, and they may very well end up in the Super Bowl, however, I believe that the Bears are a better team. I think that the Bears will win out and capture the 2 seed and give Seattle fits in the NFC title game, if they even get there.

So you think that the Bears make the Super Bowl in the NFC?

The NFC playoff teams have one thing in common. Inaccurate QBs. Does anyone see Brunell or Simms moving the ball on the Bears? Delhomme is interception-prone and Eli is wildly inaccurate at times. Maybe the Giants could grind out a win with Tiki, but I suspect that Chicago is going to be in frosty Soldier Field until they meet Seattle in the NFC championship game, and as hard as it is to pass against the Bears, it is even harder when you can't feel your hands.

And you think they'll play the Colts?

Actually, I don't. I still think the smart money is on the Colts, but I think that the playoff game will end up doing them in. The reason is that in the playoffs the refs let things go more than they do in the regular season. This is terrible for the Colts. If they get into a slugfest I think they could lose to Denver, Pitt, or New England (and yes, I remember that they destroyed Pitt not too long ago). The AFC, despite having the Colts is actually a more balanced conference, and the game changes in the playoffs to the benefit of everyone except the Colts.

So who do you like?

I actually like Denver. Stop laughing. Yes they have Jake Plummer, but I think they will have the #2 seed, and so until they face the Colts (if they face the Colts) teams will have to play them on their very chilly turf. They can grind it out on the ground, they have a solid defense with one very good cornerback, and I don't think that Jake will actually have to come through in the clutch very much.

So let me get this straight. You think that the Bears and Broncos will meet in the Super Bowl?


Don't you despise both of those teams?

I do.

Who do you think will win?

I don't want to talk about it.


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