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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Mark Belling Current Events Quiz...

That is going to do it for me. I guess we'll never know the name of that hurricane...

I've got to step out for a moment.

63. Name the hurricane that hit Florida in November.


62. The ChiSox won the World Series. Who lost it?

A. It was the Stros. Hmm. I kind of want a beer now.

61. South Africa has 3 capital cities...

A. Pretoria.

60. Original stars of the producers are currently starring in...

A. The Odd Couple.

59. Something about a gymnast at West Allis Central.

58. Congress refused ANWR drilling. What does ANWR stand for?

A. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

57. Who comitted a church shooting in Brookfield earlier this year?

A. Terry Rasmin (or something like that).

56. (actually 64): Who wore 64 for the Packers in the Lombardi years?

A. Jerry Kramer, who is not in the hall of fame for some reason.

55. Only one of the following statements about Mark Green is true.

A: They went to break again. I've got to take off at 5:00 so I'll only be liveblogging for a few more minutes. This is a tough one to Google so the break probably won't help anyone very much. I'll bet that his sister was a guitarist for the Bangles.

D'oh! I was wrong. Ahh

He was a teacher in Kenya.

54. What did Anna Benson get kicked out of for swearing too much?

A. This one is stumping a ton of people. Ooohh. Mark is giving out a gift certificate for Vitims...I mean Victors, in Milwaukee. I nice place if you're looking to pick up brittle, middle-aged women.

The answer is The World Series of Poker. Huh. Getting kicked out of a poker tournament for swearing is pretty amazing.

I'm back. We're going to call this next question "54" even though I missed a few.

I've got to step out for a bit. I'll be back in 15 minutes or so.

53. Within 6 days, name the date that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

A. Commercial time! I believe it's August 29th.

52. Northwestern Lacrosse team ripped for wearing what to the White House?

A. Flip Flops

51. To what big job was Brett Bielema named this year?

A. Football Head Coach at UW.

50. Who's replacing Greenspan?

A. Oh, he was good but he lost. Andy got 7. Ben Vernanke.

49. This guy is good. name the county that Green Bay is in.

A. Brown

48. Big event in the Kashmir region of the India Pakistan border:

A. Earthquake

47. Who is Jennifer Wilbanks?

A. The Runaway Bride

46. Who is the defending NCAA football champ.


45. Dan Vrakas.

44. Too fast but it was Alberto Gonzalez

43: Condo Building in Milwaukee. Cheapest condo is 1.3 Million. What's it called?

A. I have no friggin' clue. University Club Towers.

42: Who is Jim Bates?

A: Pack defensive coordinator

41: Name U2's new CD

A: Duh. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

40. He was in Milwaukee this fall, not born in the US, Time Person of the Year for 2005:

A. Isn't it Bono? Oh yeah. It's Bono.

39. Who is older, Brett Favre, Scott Walker, Sheyl Crow, or Lance Armstrong.

A: I guess Crow, and that is right.

38. The MPS considered banning something in schools this year until they realized that it would cost them fed cash. What is it?

A. Military recruiters

37. Shorewest realty is suing the MJS for...

A. Lying about circulation numbers

36. President Bush fired him as director of FEMA

A: Ah, good old Brownie. Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job. Mike Brown.

35. Largest sect of Muslims in Iraq?

A. Shia

34. Name the program that won the emmy for best TV Drama.

A: It's gotta be Lost. I can't believe all of these people keep getting it wrong.

Yep, Lost it is.

33. Name the Waukesha county town in which Aurora was denied permission to build a hospital.

A: Summit

The quiz seems harder to me this year than normal, although that Steve guy hit an easy patch. And these commercials are hilarious. I haven't listened to a conservative talk radio show for a few months and I'm really enjoying the ads. Highest of high comedy. I hope there are some ads for "Miracle Homes." Milwaukee has these home builders who end every ad by stating "A Christian Based Company." It's weird.

I think that they're pretty successful, so I suppose it works for them, but I still think it's strange. Mainly, I just want my house to be nice. I don't really care about who builds it. Like that Seinfeld bit where he wonders aloud why pilots on airplanes tell you their routes. Who cares?

32: Name Motor Trends car of the year, (A question that is in the quiz every year)?

A: Break time! I googled it. It's the Honda Civic.

31: Motor Trend's car, truck, and SUV are produced in what country?

A: Japan

30. Which if any of the following statements are true:

I'm not typing them all, but I think a lot of these are true. I'll guess that they'e all true, and that this is a trick question.

A: Yup, they're all true.

29. This question is too long. He's asking for a certain crime based on sparse info. I have absolutely no idea.

A: Ted Oswalt.

28: Name the man allegedly beaten by off-duty police officers at a party?

A. Frank Jude

27. Eric Rudolf was sentenced to life in prison. What for?

A: Olympic bombing in Atlanta

26: Who is Angela Merkle

A: The new German chancellor.

25: Clint Eastwood. Million $ Baby director.

24: This Wisconsin rock band reunited in 2005 for a bit, released best of album titled "Permanent Record."

A: Violent Femmes. Duh. I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record.

Oh yeah.

We're back. No one has gotten #23 yet, and it stumped Steve, the current leader. Former member, house judiciary:

A: Tom Barret.

Oh my. If you're listening on the 'net right now, and you heard the Sean Hannity commerical, is that not the funniest ad ever? That country singer sounds like one of the South Park guys doing a parody. I can't believe anyone listens to that guy. He has this one add where he spends the whole time saying that every opinion he gives you is his honest belief. Did anyone think that Hannity was insincere? Stupid maybe, but I certainly think that he believes what he's saying. It's not much of a selling point for me, I've gotta say. What a moron.

Commercial break #2. Now's your big chance to get in.

Steve is kickin butt with 13. That's very good, usually 9-12 wins the thing.

23. I'm skipping this one to catch up.

22. Pitt romances:

Aniston and Jolie

21. Gov. of IL

A. Blagoyvch. I don't know how to spell my governor's name at all. This guy probably has the contest locked up.

20. Apprentice winner working on a building in chicago. What's it called:

Trump intl tower.

19. Who won the world series.

A: The White Sox

18. I missed it because this guy is cruising. It had to do with the base city of a fed prosecutor

17. What do all of the following have in common: Scott Walker, Mayfair Mall, the McGee Blockbuster, A Stray Bear:

A: They're all in Wauwatosa

16. Name the actress married to Ben Affleck

A: Jennifer Garner This guy has 7 in a row, and he's bright.

15. T/F - The Vikings have never beaten the Pack in a playoff game:
A: False.

14. What is h5n1

A: The most recent strain of bird flu. This guy is kicking ass.

13. What's farthest west:

A. Tomah

12. Name everyone ever nominated to Supreme Court by Bush:

A: Alito, Meirs, Roberts

There is a new leader, also named Steve.

11th: Answer was S.C.Johnson

10th: This is obviously Judith Miller

9th: Wisconsin State Employees fought against having to give up use of state cars:

A: I think its wardens. And it is wardens.

8th: Rapper who said that Bush doesn't care about black people:

A: Kanye West

7th: Who is Joseph Ratzinger:

A: The Pope

6th: All of the following statements are true except one. Name the false statement:

OK, I'm not typing all of this, but I'll give you my guess.

I think it's "Doyle vetoed a property tax freeze." I don't think he ever got the opportunity.

Answer: A convicted felon serves on the Milwaukee common council. It's not true.

We're back. He got it with the aid of the break

5th: Famous American who hadn't spoken publicly in years died March 31st. Who is he?

I'm not sure at all.

Time for a commercial. I'll google it.

I bet it's Terry Shiavo. Trick question. That's pretty rough.

4th: Was Barb Lawton the first woman elected to statewide office as a democrat? No.

Steve is out. Alas.

3rd: Wis State Senator Gary George was indicted due to some problem with a station he owns. Where is it:

Virgin Islands wasn't specific enough. I feel bad for this guy. I didn't know this one, but I think that VI should be good enough.

St. Thomas is the answer, and the guy got it (Steve is in the lead right now. He seems pretty bright.

2nd Question: Name the major league baseball player suspended for steroid use...

Answer: Palmeiro.

1st question: Who is Mark Felt.

That's easy. He's deep throat.

Update 1: The other prize is $500 bucks. Not bad. Updates will appear at the top of this post. Scroll down for details on the nuts and bolts of this contest. Also note that I'm not checking spelling. I'll do my best, but cut me some slack.

is today at 3. Unfortunately I'm at work and I won't be able to play, but if you follow the news, it's actually pretty fun, and it's not that hard to get though on the phone if you're persistent. I guess the prize this year is a trip to some tropical location, although I'm told by reliable sources that Mark promised yesterday to sweeten the pot a bit.

The call-in number is 414-799-1130. There's a toll free number too, but I can't remember what it is.

I may do a little liveblogging on this post, if anyone is interested.

If you're in Milwaukee you already know that he's on AM 1130. If you're out of states and would like to play, you can listen over the internet here. The object is to correctly answer the most questions in a row over the course of three hours. Simple as that.

Good luck!


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