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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do as the MPAA says, not as the MPAA does.

The Motion Picture Association of America makes it very clear that:

"Piracy is a serious federal offense. There are several forms of piracy including Internet piracy, DVD copying, illegal sales and theatrical camcording. ALL forms of piracy are illegal and carry serious legal consequences... ...Manufacturing, selling, distributing or making copies of motion pictures without the consent of the copyright owner is illegal."

So what happens when it is the MPAA accused of piracy?

"The Motion Picture Assn. of America, the leader in the global fight against movie piracy, is being accused of unlawfully making a bootleg copy of a documentary that takes a critical look at the MPAA's film ratings system.The MPAA admitted Monday that it had duplicated 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated' without the filmmaker's permission after director Kirby Dick submitted his movie in November for an MPAA rating. The Hollywood trade organization said that it did not break copyright law, insisting that the dispute is part of a Dick-orchestrated 'publicity stunt' to boost the film's profile."

Maybe it was a publicity stunt, but I heard that ALL forms of piracy are illegal whether or not the accusation of piracy is a publicity stunt.

As a side note, I just got back from Thailand. When I was there I had the opportunity to meet with several judges at various levels of the Thai judicial system. The Chief Justice of the intellectual property court told us where to get the good knockoffs. Who would know better?


  • You went to Thailand? Cool man. I assume that it was Bangkok. I have had several Thai graduate students work for me and have always wanted to go. How was the trip?

    By Anonymous Rashid Muhammad, at 11:36 AM  

  • It was great. It was for a class. The class included 12 people from my school and 12 Thai law students from Chula university. We were in Bangkok for most of it but we spent a few days on Ko Samet which was a blast. I reccomend it to anyone. Great weather, lots to do, and everything was extremely inexpensive.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 9:54 AM  

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