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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If there is anyone that is truly qualified to give advice about sex...

it's this 70-year-old virgin male wearing a dress.

"Pope Benedict XVI warned in his first encyclical Wednesday that sex without unconditional love risked turning men and women into merchandise.

In the 71-page document "God is Love," Benedict explored the relationship between the erotic love between man and woman, referred to by the term "eros," and the Greek word for the unconditional, self- giving love, "agape" (pronounced AH-gah-pay).

He said the two concepts are most unified in marriage between man and woman, in which a covetous love grows into the self-giving love of the other, as well as God's unconditional love for mankind."

The pope went on to discuss his pick for the superbowl, what the best tasting beer is, and the basics of string theory. Seriously, who listens to this guy?


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