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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So This Is The New Year

1. Congratulations to my Wisconsin Badgers for embarrassing the Auburn Tigers. The Badgers tend to have some trouble with fast offenses, but if you bring a light, quick defense up against Wisconsin, you're going to get run over. Such was the case with Auburn. It was a fitting send off for Barry.

Here's to the program not falling apart under Bret Bielema next year!

2. Congrats to my Marquette Warriors for knocking off UConn last night, largely due to the great shooting of Steve Novak. Steve has been a bit of a disappointment at Marquette because he has some trouble with the typical "big man" duties like rebounding and defense, but he has steadily improved, and he is one of the best pure shooters in college basketball.

Here's to Marquette for not only not getting embarrassed in their Big East debut, but actually scoring the upset!

3. I saw two excellent movies over the break. The first, Batman Begins, is by far the best Batman movie, although they pronounced Ras Al-Gul incorrectly the entire time.

I also saw Walk The Line, which is absolutely outstanding. Phoenix had Johnny Cash down perfectly, from the look to the voice. Part of the movie focuses on a tour that included Cash, Elvis, and Jerry Lee Lewis, all playing small venues. Now that's a show.

Reese Witherspoon is similarly awesome as June Carter Cash, to the point that she actually sounds a bit too good. I hate biopics in general, by the way, but this was just great storytelling and great acting.

4. I finished Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides. It is a touching tale of incest, hermaphrodites, and gender identity crisis. It is also a remarkably frank look at race torn Detroit in the 50s and 60s, Turkish aggression in Greece, and the dismissive view that many held, and still hold against entrepreneurs.

Eugenides also wrote The Virgin Suicides, which was made into a movie that I detest mightily. Now I wonder in Sofia Coppola just screwed it up.

5. I did not even suffer a hangover on New Year's Day. This was nice, but it also made me feel old. Actually, I'm OK with that.

6. I watched all of Arrested Development, Season 2 on DVD, and as good as it is on TV, it's actually very helpful to watch a bunch of them in a row. You pick up on a lot of progressive jokes that you otherwise might miss. Here is my favorite line:

Michael: I think George Michael is hiding Anne (his girlfriend) in the attic.

Lindsey: What, from the Nazis?

Not many shows could pull off an Anne Frank Nazi joke, but they pulled it off.

You can help to save Arrested Development!

7. To all of you Michigan fans out there, you absolutely got screwed in the Nebraska game. Not just on the last play, which warranted offsetting penalties, but all game long. Iowa, you were similarly screwed on a perfectly executed onside kick against Florida, in which one of your players was ruled to have been offsides. He was not. Iowa should have had an opportunity to tie the game. Penn St., you need to recruit a kicker! You got lucky last night, because FSU has to maintain their bad kicker tradition, but I'll bet you were all pining for Brett Conway in that game.

8. Two predictions:

a. Brett will retire. People will immediately start referring to any prolonged streak of Packer futility as "The Curse of the Favre."

b. Texas will win tonight, straight up.

Here's to the New Year.


  • a really safe bet take Uconn and lay the points when they play again lol My thinks it may get pretty ugly.

    By Blogger Chris, at 5:41 PM  

  • Good call on the Texas game. Although it would have been interesting to actually have reviewed that lateral TD in the first half. That was before USC was trying the crazy-defense, so a stop may have still been possible on that drive. On the last drive of the game, USC was trying everything. Sending 3. Blitzing 6. Sending 3. Blitzing 7. I dont' think I saw a standard 4-front during the entire last drive. How can you expect young college defensive players to suddenly pick that up on the last drive of the game? It's not wonder they were getting burned left-and-right.

    By Anonymous mitch, at 2:25 PM  

  • Frickin' Auburn is ranked ahead of Wisconsin in the final poll. Idiot writers. UW clearly controlled the game.

    By Anonymous Scott H, at 4:06 PM  

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