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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Working at Wal-Mart must be terrible.

While I was still living on the South Side of Chicago, the alderpeople of said side managed to block the development of an evil Wal-Mart, as it would have stolen all of the South Side's nonexistent jobs. Instead, Wal-Mart opened a store in the nearby suburb of Evergreen Park, and...

Eighteen months after the Chicago City Council torpedoed a South Side Wal-Mart, 24,500 Chicagoans applied for 325 jobs at a Wal-Mart opening Friday in south suburban Evergreen Park, one block outside the city limits.

The new Wal-Mart at 2500 W. 95th is one block west of Western Avenue, the city boundary.

Of 25,000 job applicants, all but 500 listed Chicago addresses, said John Bisio, regional manager of public affairs for Wal-Mart.

It's a good thing that Chicago blocked that development. Sure they lost a bunch of tax revenue, and jobs within the city limits, and the store opened just a few blocks away anyway, but it was worth it to stick it to that evil corporation. Of course, to really stick it to them, they'll have to erect a large wall between Chicago and Evergreen Park, where all of their constituents will soon be heading.


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