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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

15 Minutes

That's all I have, so this will be quick.

The UAE port issue? Not a big deal.

But still, ughh.

Both of these speed skaters are douchebags. Why don't they hold the team events after the individual events?

Irony Report: This man, who is an idiot, is going to spend three years in an Austrian prison for publicly denying the Holocaust.

Here's a nice story on the Presidential Library and eminent domain.


  • "...jailed for three years in Austria today after pleading guilty to criminal charges of denying the Holocaust"

    Pardon me for stating the obvious but...

    Criminal charges??? What the fuck???

    I don't doubt that the holocaust happened, but to make it illegal to not agree? Yikes.

    By Anonymous Rashid Muhammad, at 11:42 AM  

  • I worked for Carter's Presidential Library for a while. They didn't pay me. I guess they were cutting costs so they would afford to stock the pond with more exotic fishies.

    By Blogger Moral Turpitude, at 2:02 PM  

  • Not a big deal? Yes, well Drenzer does make a very compelling argument, citing a spokesperson from the Port of New orleans, a port in a city in a state that is known for honesty, candor, and competency. Also, a public relations executive is quoted as basically saying the story was distorted, and tries to argue using a terrible similie. (you could put a bomb in one apartment and blow up a whole building)
    Drenzer really got to the bottom of this story.

    Not to worry the UAE company is simply a holding company that will play "virtually" no role in managing the facilities. "Virtually" all of the employees are american citizens. Padilla is also an american citizen, as is Lindh. Yes, the government of the UAE are our allies. So is the government of Saudi Arabia. Sometimes deciding things on a gut level is the best decision to make. just because something checks out on paper doesn't mean it is right.

    Now then, Drenzer wants something better than U.S. Ports + UAE firm attacks on the United States. how is this:

    Probability of terrorist attack on U.S. ports given that a UAE company is heavily involved or could be heavily involved in running the ports is > than if a British company did.

    Will you at least agree that it is conceivable, although still very unlikely, but conceivable nonetheless that a terrorist organization that is really mad with the U.S. will have a greater chance of infiltrating a UAE company than a British one?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:07 PM  

  • Nope. It's fairly simple to infiltrate basically any private industry, regardless of ownership. Moreover, the UAE has been very cooperative with the US in their foreign policy, and blocking this deal would send a pretty crappy message to anyone who is willing to help us in the future. Moreover, Dubai doesn't have any terrorist connections. It's laissez-faire economic philosophy does lend itself to money laundering and other shady financial transactions, but it runs its businesses competently.

    As we don ot, under British management, currently inpsect 95% of what comes in to this country, I see no reason to think that Dubai will be any worse, or make us any more vulnerable. The UAE, and Dubai in particular, has a huge incentive to not piss us off. We have a lot of ex-pats there (As does all of western Europe) and we contribute a great deal to their economy.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 7:19 PM  

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