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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bush's Popularity Reaches All-Time Low

The Houston Texans shocked the world yesterday by signing Mario Williams, and passing on the consensus best player in the draft, Reggie Bush.

Which should make this a very fun draft, and for all of your draft prep, head on over to the Outsiders, where you can read about LenDale White's failed drug test, the Packers' receiver problems, draft strategy, and some oft-ignored football skills.

If you need to whine, here's the open thread.


  • I actually think Mario Williams was a better choice.

    Also, as for oft-ignored football skills, which I had already read, that WR that GB took in the 2nd round has two that are often underrated by draft pundits - hands and route running. A 6'3" guy who runs a 4.4, but runs crappy routes and drops stuff is much less valuable than a decent sized WR who is open much more often of the time on the middle and short routes.

    By Anonymous Scott H, at 12:51 PM  

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