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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fun Friday, Geocentric Edition

Robert Sungenis is nuts. From MDS:

He has just completed a 1,000-page tome, "Galileo Was Wrong," the first in a pair of books he hopes will persuade readers to "give Scripture its due place, and show that science is not all it's cracked up to be."

Geocentrism is a less-known cousin of the intelligent design, or anti-evolution, movement. Both question society's trust in science, instead using religion to explain how we got here - and, in geocentrism's case, just where "here" is.


  • I have no words.

    By Anonymous Rashid Muhammad, at 7:55 AM  

  • Except those four.

    By Anonymous Rashid Muhammad, at 7:56 AM  

  • Well, if you put together Sungenis' brilliant work here with his great work on Jewish conspiracies, you will soon realize that Galileo was probably a Jew and that modern science is absolutely RIDDLED with Jews (and we all know what THAT means).

    By Anonymous Michael Halfman II, at 12:29 AM  

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