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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Big Day

I graduated from law school on Friday. So I'm finally a real person after 8 years of being a college student of some sort. It's good to be done. In the University of Wisconsin tradition, the graduation ceremony was pretty informal and the speakers pretty mediocre. Wisconsin congresswoman Tammy Baldwin was our keynote speaker. Her commencement speech sounded a lot like a recycled campaign speech and she seems to have a bit of an ego problem. Our faculty speaker was funny at times and moving at others but seemed to stray way too far off topic for a graduation speech.

One of my fellow grads came complete with several television news crews. And deservedly so. Chris Ochoa spent 12 years in a Texas prison for a rape and murder he didn't commit. He was freed by students and faculty from the Wisconsin innocence Project using DNA evidence. He then got his degree from the University of Texas-El Passo and then started law school at UW where he worked for the innocence project. He was one of our commencement speakers on Friday.

Here's the Milwaukee JS article the day before graduation.
Here's an ABC News story.


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