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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's The Knicks!

The new sitcom that's sweeping the nation, starring:

Stephon Marbury as "Stephon"
Steve Francis as "Steve"
Larry Brown as "The Coach"

and Isiah Thomas as "Zeke the Landlord"

Who can turn a silk purse into a sow's ear?
Who would trade their cow for a few magic beans?
Who would trade Crystale for a sixer of cold beer?
It's the Knicks!

They gladly would have traded Ruth back to the Red Sox,
and thrown in old Lou Gehrig just to sweeten the deal,
When the guy in charge is an egomaniacal dumb jock,
It's the Knicks!

Zeke - Hey guys, I just traded the washer and dryer for a this lava lamp! This could really spice up the place. Yep, you're going to have a real chick magnet here...

Stephon - But Zeke, how are we going to attract any ladies if our clothes smell?

Zeke - Oh no! Well, I'm sure that coach can figure something out. He always makes it work! Hey Coach! I traded the washer and dryer for this lava lamp and I need you to teach the guys not to stink.

Larry - (enraged) You did what?! Zeeeeekkkkkeeeeee!!!!!!

Everyone - Oh no, not again!

And on next week's season finale...

Zeke - Well guys, I'm going to have to evict Coach.

Larry - I'm not going anywhere! Not for 20 million dollars.

Zeke - How about 30?

Larry - Goodbye everyone.

Steve - But Zeke, who will live with us if coach leaves?

Zeke - (Pointing at himself) Meet your new roommate guys.

Everyone - Oh no, not again!

Next week, on It's the Knicks!


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