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Friday, June 09, 2006

What Should Superman Do?

I agree with Tyler Cowen that Superman spends a lot of time wasting his talents, and that if he applied himself he could accomplish much more. Tyler suggests the following:

Darfur and the like aside, I have a few nominations for what Superman should do:

1. Become a research scientist.

2. Collect data for the Fed.

3. Fly around and tell people -- politely but very pointedly -- when they should accept lower nominal wages.

4. Perform amazing stunts on TV, become a big celebrity, and then preach the virtues of economic literacy; this is Dan Klein's suggestion.

I find it difficult to disagree with #1, and The Flash should probably help out. I would add:

1. Nuclear waste disposal worker.

He could either heave waste into the sun, or bury it deep underground.

2. Giant hamster wheel runner.

Superman could generate a great deal of electricity in this fashion. Superman is basically the world's greatest solar panel.

3. Overthrow every corrupt African government.

While Supes may not be skilled in nation building,he could certainly provide a great disincentive towards corruption in an area that sorely needs it.

4. Specimen

Supes ability to convert yellow sun energy into kinetic energy is unsurpassed, and learning more about the process would likely be a more valuable than any individual physical feat.

If you an do better, leave your idea in the comment section.


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