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Thursday, July 06, 2006

If I may shamelessly shill for a moment...

Hi, I'm blogger and fantasy football champion Paul Noonan.

Do you have problems at your fantasy draft? Do people snicker when you take Mike Vick every single year? Still think that Kurt Warner is a franchise QB? Ever spoken the following phrase?

I know which Bronco running back will be featured this year!

Are you planning on drafting Ahman Green, Priest Holmes, Jamal Lewis, or Curtis Martin early on?

You need Pro Football Prospectus 2006. Last year, I used the superior advice in PFP 2005 to get Tiki Barber for 70 cents on the dollar, grab Matt Hasselbeck, and pick up Mike Anderson after many inferior RBs were already off the board.

Seriously though, The Outsiders do an excellent job of prognosticating the futures of your favorite footballers and there is no greater resource to have for a fantasy draft than the Prospectus. Plus, frequent EC commenter Michael David Smith is one of the contributors, and his football work is always original and insightful.

You can pre-order your PFP 2006 here, as I did today.


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