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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ned the Slow

Finally, our long national nightmare is at an end.

Unfortunately, Dan Kolb may actually be worse than D-Bow, so we may just be starting a new nightmare. In fact, the Brewer pen is so bad that I may be able to continue with Freddy Krueger analogies for 5 or 6 more closers. I don't really have a suggestion on how to fix this problem other than to get better pitchers (and to not play the guy with the 27.00 ERA in the month of July), but I do know that D-Bow should have been benched, at the very least, 4 games ago. At this point he and I have an equal chance of saving any given game.

What a disaster. I'm not even sure that they can be considered "in the race" anymore, and it is almost entirely the fault of Ned Yost and Derrick Turnbow.


  • Okay, the guy has had a bad July, but he has the stuff to recover. Kolb, on the other hand, the only "stuff" that applies to him is the pillow that he hides under his jersey.

    Still, I guess a few days off could help. Just don't let Yost be encouraged by a few good outings from Mr. (-)K.

    By Anonymous Rashid Z. Muhammad, at 11:26 AM  

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