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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Big Government War

From Alex Tabarrok:

War is big government, authoritarianism, central planning, command and control, and bureaucracy in its most naked form and on the largest scale. The Pentagon is the Post Office with nuclear weapons.

If this war has been worse on these scores than others, and I have my doubts, we can at least be thankful that the scale of death and destruction has been smaller. At the Battle of the Somme there were a million casualties and 300,000 deaths over the course of a few months. If we remember previous wars more fondly this is only because those wars we won. Incompetent planning and poor execution are not fatal so long as the other side plans and executes yet more incompetently.

Is this a suggestion to put the current war in context? Not at all. It is suggestion to put government in context.


  • over 700, or could it have been over 7,000, Allied troups died in one training exercise before D-Day. (it must have been 700, but still) I don't even think they had live ammo, they were trying to land on the british shore to practive and things went wrong. You don't hear about it all that often.

    Also, about

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