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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corrections and Apologies


Question 5 in TBT below is impossible because I misremembered Robb Thomas's team. He's actually on the Chiefs opposite Stephon Paige, although he did play for the Bucs (much) later. Sorry about that.


To my brother. Last night he drafted Rudi Johnson in the post-auction section of our draft and I, like a complete asshole, put in an offer sheet for $27.00 on him, (for context, LT and LJ went for around $33.00 each) which screwed up Danny's cap space. In my defense:

1. I thought that my offer sheet on Tiki Barber was going to go through, which would have negated my Rudi Johnson offer, and,

2. If Danny did not value Rudi as highly, he could have let me have him, which would have taken up all of my cap space. I used that cap space to sign Brian Westbrook and Reuben Droughns for a combined $28.00, and I will gladly trade both of them, and eat $1.00, for Rudi. In fact, consider that a trade offer.

3. While my bid was quite high, it did not cost Danny $27.00. There were other bids and in the end, I probably only cost you $11.00 or so.

4. It would have been wrong of me to not pursue a player I wanted just because of nepotism.


To the guy that wasn't there, and who left instructions to use all of his remaining cap space on Clinton Portis. I'm the one who bid him up to $28.00. Next year, show up.

I'm not that happy with my team this year. It is deep, but steeped in mediocrity, and averageness does not win championships, but as I was champ last year, I suppose some rebuilding was inevitable. And if Shaun Alexander goes down I suddenly have a very good team, so there's still some hope. Danny's team, incidentally, is very good, my shenanigans notwithstanding. Although he did end up with A.J. Hawk.


  • I assume you mean you drated Maurice Morris? I really, really like that move. In fact, whoever drafted Shaun Alexander is a moron for letting you take Morris. A Seahawks running back is going to score a lot of fantasy points this year, but I'm not at all sure that it'll be Alexander. I think you just don't take Alexander unless you're really confident you'll be able to pick up Morris later on.

    By Blogger MDS, at 11:02 AM  

  • I was actually roundly mocked for picking him (I did, admittedly reach a bit) but I completely agree. Worst case I can use him as a bye week fill in when my other guys are out. Best case I have a top 5 (or at least 10) RB and the guy with Shaun is completely screwed. I got him for the league minimum too.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 11:26 AM  

  • Where's the remorse about stealing Eddie Kennison from me? Just kidding.

    Hey, I know he's your brother and all but don't feel too bad about messing up his cap space. If I'm not mistaken he got Willis McGahee last year for the league minimum (granted, Willis didn't have that great of a year but on paper he had the steal of the draft.)

    All is fair when it comes to fantasy football.

    By Anonymous Scott K., at 1:29 PM  

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