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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School's out for ever

It feels very very strange that labor day has passed and I'm not going back to school today or anytime soon. After 8 years of "higher" education the cycle finally ends. I think it finally hit me this weekend that I'm actually a "real person" instead of a student. Yikes. On the bright side, I get to drink call mixers and eat steak more often, right? That's what the "real world" is all about, right? Right?

So anyway, I woke up this morning-after-labor-day, put un a crisp clean white shirt, and resolved to post on this here blog a little more regularly. I have no idea why I'm connecting that with a "real world" activity. In fact, that makes no sense at all. Whatever. This weekend was pretty real-person oriented actually. On Friday I went to one of a long string of dismal Brewer games. We didn't have time for tailgating so we did a little pre-gaming at Long Wong's Chinese American Sports Bar for a few pitchers and a few $.25 Shanghai Wings. We hopped the shuttle for the game at around the third inning. The Brewers lost. They looked terrible. The season is over. But, as I always say, here in Wisconsin, we love our Brewers (or Packers) like we love our children--not because they are good, but because they are ours. After that we met some friends at Bar Louie, which just opened where Brew City BBQ used to be. I was glad this place opened up since Brew City had such a good location and a nice beer garden, it would have been a shame to leave it vacant when Brew City moved across the friggen street (what's the point of that?) . Anyway, Bar Louie, slapped on a coat of paint and made some other improvements to the old place and is now a (small) step classier than your typical Water St. Bar. The beer garden is nice with he addition of a large fire pit, more modern furniture and, um, a bed. I'm not really sure why that's there. Anyway, good times were had by all.

On Saturday I went to a "cocktail" party in the burbs at a co-worker's nice new house. It was a good time even though I didn't know too many people there. But being a "real person" party, lots of the people left a little early to go take the sitter home and stuff like that. I left a little early too and met some other friends at Mo's Irish Pub to see a singer/songwriter by the name of Mark Croft. He's a local guy (from Madison actually) and he put on a pretty good show. My friends always joke with me that my range of musical taste is limited to white guys with guitars. This is a huge exaggeration since I love Hootie and the Blowfish, but there is a grain of truth to it. Anyway, Mark is indeed a white guy with a guitar and he put on a great show. He played lots of covers but his original stuff was really good. I even bought his CD. You gotta support local music, right?

The news item of the day, which everyone already knows, is that the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, died in just about the least ironic way he possibly could have short of being eaten by an actually croc. I think we all watched his show in part because of Steve's wreckless disregard for his own safety at the hands of the animal kingdom. But I think we all felt that Steve would meet his demise in a car accident or in a hospital bed of natural causes 40 years from now, or at least he'd OD on meth. Does that make it ironic that Steve's death wasn't ironic like we all suspected it would be? Is Alanis Morissette's song "Ironic" ironic because nothing in it is ironic and it's called "Ironic"?*

The Wisconsin News item of the day, at least if you read the right-wing Wisconsin political blogs (and who doesn't? The unintentional comedy is often off the charts!) is that Miller Brewing Company allegedly made a donation to a pro-immigration group for a rally. So the right-wingers are proposing a ban. One brave soul in the comments pledged to drink three times as much Miller Beer until one of the other comments gave up on his ban, similar to the "adopt a vegetarian" program. As a pro-immigration beer-drinker, I'd love to support this cause. But, as I noted above, I'm a real person now, so my intake of watered-down domestic mega-brew should be going down, not up.

In other (fake) Wisconsin news, this Onion headline is awesome:

Brett Favre Fitted For New Suit Before Sold-Out Lambeau Field Crowd



  • Bar Louie has excellent Buffalo Calamari. The pic on the Favre story is awesome.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 2:03 PM  

  • If your questioning why Brew City moved, the answer is simple. They did not own the building and their lease was up, the building owners wanted to charge them a new rent that they thought was too high so they found it more economically feasible to go buy (?) and renovate a building that was close by.

    As an accountant I've seen this happen to a lot of businesses that don't own the building they are in, if they are successful their building owners try to increase the lease amount to a point where the businesses have to make a decision on whether to stay or leave to maximize their profits.


    By Anonymous Rod, at 2:05 PM  

  • Yeah Rod, I figured it was something like that. I guessed it was a business decision having something to do with the lease agreement. What surprised me is that the two parties didn't work out an agreeable contract since the location is key and the restaurant was popular (I think). But whatever, it worked out for the best since now there are 2 pretty good bars on that corner where there previously had been one.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 9:17 AM  

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