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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Don't Know Anything

I've spent most of my last week at my office, and I am not up on any current affairs. This makes writing anything worthwhile rather difficult, as you can probably already tell. I did get to listen to the Bears/Cardinals game. I won a fantasy matchup due solely to the Bear defense, but it wasn't worth it at all, and it has made my life miserable.

If you're a Bear fan, how can you be cocky about that game? 1 million things had to go your way to win that thing. Rackers had to miss not one, but two FGs. The Cardinals non only had to fumble twice, but to fumble in an area where it would, by pure luck, be picked up by a fast Bear defender in space. They needed a replay to overturn an Arizona TD. They needed a punt return TD.

That game was absolutely ridiculous. We will likely not see anything like it again. This is "Fernando Tatis 2 Grand Slams in one inning" unlikely. Still, they are talking about an undefeated season.

And my poor Packers. You know, according to the Outsiders they've played the toughest schedule so far? (Think about it. Rams, Saints, Eagles, Bears. That's frickin' tough.) The fact is that they're probably not as bad as they seem. At least there is some reason for optimism.

I hear there was some nuclear test or something too. Man, I'm out of it.

Note: Two much office time leads to mispelling "too." Or "to." Or "Two."


  • I had Grossman and still managed to survive thanks to an almost 40 point lead going into the game (-13.6 in our scoring). Guess who I'm not playing this week.

    Oh, that's right, they have a bye.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 PM  

  • "At least there is some reason for optimism."

    They're playing Miami?
    Would hurt to lose this one

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM  

  • Worse yet, the Bears remaining schedule is ridiculously easy. Check it out.

    There have been two nuclear explosions. First North Korea, Second TNN showing a marathon of some show called "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Making the Team".

    By Blogger Scott H, at 12:24 AM  

  • If you're jonesin' for blog fodder, just pick up a copy of your local newspaper. I read my local rag for about 20 minutes while watching baseball last night and got several hot tips, including a story about a guy whose penile implant operation was botched and he now has a permanent erection.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:04 AM  

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