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Monday, October 30, 2006

Paul's All-Purpose, Federal Anti-Incumbent Negative Ad

As we're in the thick of election season I though that I would give every non-incumbent challenger a leg up with my all-purpose ad. As long as you're running against someone in the US Senate or Congress, and as long as he/she has a voting record, this will work:

(Cue ominous music and impressive-sounding narrator)

Did you know that (insert incumbent name here) has voted for dozens of unconstitutional laws while he/she has been in office? Even though all senators/congresspeople take a solemn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? It's true.

Under (Name) tenure, the congress/senate has misused a little-known provision of the Constitution known as the "interstate commerce clause" to justify hundreds of unconstitutional laws, even wasteful pork-barrel spending like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska. In fact, every single portion of the record-setting spending increases over the past (2/4/6) years has occurred because of this one small provision that was never meant to justify such actions.

Your taxes are high because of these laws, and they're just going to continue to skyrocket. And all because (name) decided to abuse our most sacred national document. Either that, or he/she can't read.

(Cue positive, upbeat music.)

Vote (your name here), and he/she will put an end to wasteful spending and high taxes. But most of all, he'll/she'll put an end to a national desecration. (opponent) may claim to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, but can you truly trust someone who openly spits on the Constitution?

(I'm (X) and I approve of this message, because it's time we started respecting the law of the land in this country.)

(Paid for by free citizens for free freedom, a freer tomorrow, and staying the course/reform.)


  • This ad could even work for incumbents, if they're running against a member of Congress.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:33 AM  

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