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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bret Bielema, The Genius

Not only was it funny to watch every Badger special teams player get a 20-yard, off-sides head start on Taylor Mehlhaff's kickoff with 25 seconds remaining in the first half, and crush the bewildered Penn State return man, and not only was it a feat of absolute strategic brilliance, which prompted one of my Penn State friends to text message me that "U guys suck," but it was also a brilliant protest against the idiotic new "speed up the game" rules that were instituted by the NCAA this year. Almost every football coach hates the changes.

College games are primarily slow because of the rule that stops the clock upon picking up a first down in order to move the chains. The NCAA apparently likes this rule and so they instead monkeyed with a bunch of other rules. This includes the change that starts the clock on the kickoff, and not when the ball is first touched.

Bielema deserved all kinds of credit for this, and I suspect that the NCAA will have to at least alter the rule because of it.

It was even funnier the second time they did it. And the third. And when the announcers figured out what they were doing. And it was topped off by Bielema's interview going into the locker room.

What a great game (as long as Stocco is OK).

Update: Here is ESPN's short recap:

Bielema did, however, get Paterno's blood boiling near halftime when the Badgers tried to run out the last 23 seconds of the half by intentionally going offsides on two straight kickoff attempts to take advantage of a new rule that starts the clock when the ball is kicked.

Paterno stormed onto the field to complain to officials, then emphatically waved off a television reporter as he headed to the locker room.


  • This guy should get an extra win on his record just for this.

    By Anonymous mike, at 1:15 PM  

  • The YouTube is here.

    It actually does specifically say in the rulebook that the referee has the discretion to override the clock rules if he feels that a team is committing penalties for the sole purpose of wasting time. But if the ref isn't going to call it, it's smart for Wisconsin to do it.

    By Blogger MDS, at 5:54 PM  

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