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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Bucks! The Bucks!

I've heard nothing but doom and gloom about the Bucks from the national media. I don't get it. Of course, I can't really trust them much. They didn't even tell me that Bogut was going play last night.

The fact is that the Bucks had a great offseason. Not good. Great.

First of all, the T.J. Ford for Charlie Villanueva deal was an absolute steal. Both Mo Williams and Charlie Bell are only small drop-offs from Ford, and the newly acquired Steve Blake is a great backup. (And a future starter. I used to have an irrational hatred for Steve Blake in college, but every time I've seen him in the NBA he's impressed me.) Charlie is a huge upgrade at power forward and he also allows Andrew Bogut to play his natural position in the middle.

Ruben Patterson is a huge thug, but he's an extremely talented thug, and you're allowed one thug per team. As long as he's not a complete jerk, he is a more than adequate backup for the injured Bobby Simmons.

Michael Redd is a good scorer, Brian Skinner has a few good games left in the tank, and Dan Gadzuric is a nice, high-energy bench guy.

I think that the Bucks might surprise people. They're set up to play high energy, up-tempo Phoenix Suns-style basketball, and I think that they will be able to take advantage of much of the Eastern Conference because of it. While the Bulls are improved (probably), the Heat appear to be much worse due to age. The Pistons look terrible without Ben Wallace (and Flip Saunders is just a terrible coach), and everyone else, except maybe the Cavs, appears vulnerable.

I'm hugely optimistic, and they will, at the very least, be hugely entertaining. Since apparently I can't predict anything anyway (See: Tampa Bay Super Bowl Pick) I'll make the hugely optimistic pick that they finish with the 4 seed in the East, ahead of the highly touted Bulls.


  • I think this team is much better than last year's team. At least in roles if not in personnel. The Bucks have a solid backup at every position and got a very good defender for the 2-3 spot, which is where most teams have a big time scorer. I also liked the C.V. trade. If you think about it, they could be like Sacramento of the 90's. Bogut as a better Divac, Villanueva can do many of the the things Webber could (I'm not saying he'll be as good though), Redd can drain it like Pedra, and Patterson is better than Christie ever was. Plus Bell & Simmons. We just need a Bibby. I think Mo or Blake has a chance to do that. If not, that's the only real starter need on this roster for next year...

    I also thought Magloire was only good at being a big space eater.

    I just wish I got to watch the Bucks. No national games.

    By Blogger Scott H, at 12:30 AM  

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