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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Should You Vote? Part II

Let's go to Scott Adams on this one:

But my favorite example, and the cleanest, can be seen in the comments on this blog for the past week. Many of you said, in essence, “No matter how ignorant you are, you have a responsibility to vote,” and its dumber cousin “If you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain.”

It doesn’t take much critical reasoning to shred those ideas. I’m fairly certain we have the right to complain any time we want. It’s called Freedom of Speech. And we certainly have the right to NOT vote for any reason we want. Being ignorant has to be in the short list of good reasons for not voting. But this flies in the face of whatever you were brainwashed into believing when you were a kid.

Again I remind you that I’m in favor of this sort of brainwashing for the sake of society. I’m happy that lots of people vote. The system would break down otherwise, and short of me being the dictator, I can’t think of a better system than imaginary democracy masking the naked ambitions of greedy capitalists. It sounds bad when you say it, but frankly I don’t have a better idea. I’m just happy I have a chance to be one of those greedy capitalists myself.

Now go vote me some tax breaks.


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