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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The War On Beer Pong

Seriously, why not just outlaw fun:

Researchers who study drinking games say they can cause serious problems, contributing to binge drinking and the negative consequences, such as drunken driving, that go along with it. One study of college students found that nearly half the male respondents who played drinking games said they did so to facilitate romantic interactions and sexual encounters.

"Drinking games are a structured way to drink heavily," said Brian Borsari, a researcher at Brown University who has studied drinking games and who wrote a paper summarizing studies on the subject. "One motivation is to get people drunk. There is a link between alcohol use and sexual assault."

A national association of fraternities and sororities recently strengthened its risk management policy prohibiting drinking games, citing beer pong as a specific activity that should not be tolerated. Many colleges now include warnings as part of their freshmen orientations.

But this is just funny:

Alex, the freshman at Marquette, is among the female students who dislike beer pong for reasons of hygiene. She is convinced the pingpong balls are covered with germs and would prefer that they not make it into her beer.


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