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Thursday, December 28, 2006

64 Lines About 32 Quarterbacks

(To the tune of "88 Lines About 44 Women." The chorus is just "Hmm, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, hmm." Repeat.)

Michael Vick can really run
although his throws are kind of sad,

Simms will never live up to
his famous New York Giant Dad.

Jake Delhomme is overrated,
Steve Smith plus a Super Bowl,

Brees has helped rebuild the Saints
and brought back that New Orleans Soul.


Brady is the golden boy,
reminding people of Montana

Chadwick's injured shoulder is
about as strong as a banana.

J.P. Losman's last name
lets you know exactly what he is,

If Daunte's knee fails to recover
he can join the sex boat biz.

Jay chased the snakes out of Denver
because Jake took all the blame,

Trent Green's days are likely numbered,
since you play to win the game!

Andrew Walter is a Raider,
I won't mention him again,

Philip Rivers simply turns
and gives it to Ladanian.


Charlie Frye is not the answer
Cleveland hits another low,

Roethlisberger rides his motorcycle
like Kellen Winslow.

Steve McNair is smart and savvy,
his demeanor is low key,

Carson Palmer's teammates can't quite
seem to stay out of the pokey.

Bulger throws to Torry Holt,
the two of them make quite a pair,

Hasselbeck is a great passer,
even though he has no hair.

Matt the pretty boy
may have the most potential of the youth,

Alex Smith hands to the man
we call "The Inconvenient Truth."


Donovan is hurt again
which probably makes Rush Limbaugh smile,

Eli Manning's passes miss
his wide receivers by a mile.

Tony Romo throws to T.O.
even though he's always cranky,

Next year Redskin Jason Campbell
hands it to coach Janky Spanky.

Byron Leftwhich has a gun,
another good one from the MAC,

You will find that David Carr
is likely just to take the sack,

Vincent Young will beat you
with his arm as well as with his feet,

Peyton's greatest TV moment?
Cheering man to "Cut That Meat!"


Millen's personnel moves keep
Jon Kitna under fierce assault,

Tavaris Jackson runs the show
in Minnesota by default,

Grossman's inconsistency
makes the Bears' offense pretty lame,

Favre is football's ironman,
he'll soon be in the Hall of Fame.

64 lines about 32 quarterbacks.


  • Hey, that's pretty good. I suppose you have lots of spare time up there.

    By Blogger Scott H, at 12:45 AM  

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