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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Bad Move For The Crew

Why did the Brewers let Jeff Cirillo get away? He recently signed with the Twins because the Brewers couldn't offer as much playing time because of Tony Graffanino and Craig Counsel.

Stupid, stupid move. If you're the Brewers you need cheap, productive players. Cirillo gets on base at about a .370 clip, hits well, and is at least an adequate fielder. Moreover, he was cheap and willing to take a one-year deal.

It's a minor move in the grand scheme of things, but I don't like it.


  • i can't really see this mattering very much. i think their "master" plan was to have counsell and cirillo as their utility guys. they just offered graff arbitration in hopes of getting the draft pick back when he signed elsewhere.

    he didn't, so now they have counsell and graffanino instead. graffanino maybe gives up a little to cirillo with the bat, but can play more positions reasonably well. with third base covered 4 times over already, i'd almost rather have graff than cirillo.

    no matter what, the brewers couldn't guarantee cirillo more PT than the twins can, so i don't see anyway he signs in milwaukee even if they don't offer arbitration to graff.

    i like cirillo, but this move just isn't gonna cost or add any wins to their record. the brewers are likely to have one of the better benches in the NL (again) -- counsell, graffanino, clark, miller, mench sure ain't bad. i doubt mench sticks around though.

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