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Friday, December 22, 2006

Foie Gras Fried In Trans Fat

A few posts ago I joked that I was going to open a restaurant called "Foie Gras Fried In Trans Fat" in order to protest Chicago's recent bout of nanny-statism. As it turns out, my favorite Chicago hot dog joint, Hot Doug's, has beaten me to the punch:

When the letter came from City Hall threatening punishment if he continued to serve foie gras at his North Side restaurant, Doug Sohn framed the warning and set it beside his cash register.

And he kept serving the fattened duck liver without a care.

"We displayed it proudly," said Sohn, owner of Hot Doug's, a gourmet sausage eatery where the daily special can include smoked pheasant topped with foie gras chunks. "My customers and myself enjoy foie gras."

I personally think that Foie Gras is pretty cruel, but then again I think that most meat production is pretty cruel, and I still eat it. That said, if ever the free market was equipped to deal with a product, that product is Foie Gras.

Most nanny-statism takes the paternalistic view that "we know better than you." I've had people at work tell me that we need the trans-fat ban to "help the uneducated." While condescension like that drives me nuts, you certainly can't apply that logic to goose liver pate. Everyone who eats Foie Gras knows exactly what they are doing. If people decide that it's cruel to do so, they can easily make the decision to avoid it.

Chicago has enough to deal with. This is just a busy-body law that will have no positive effect on anything, and will victimize certain businesses.


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