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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who should I root for?

So, will the Packers make the playoffs? Probably not, but there is a chance. Here's all that you need to know.

1. The Packers must beat the Bears.

Even though the Bears probably will not play their starters for the whole game, it will still be very difficult to beat them. For one thing, their backup QB is better than their starting QB. That said, it is possible. If the playoffs are still a possibility by the time the game starts the Packers will be jacked up, it will be nice and cold, and if the Bears get down early, they are likely to quit on the game.

2. The Giants almost certainly must lose to the Redskins on Saturday.

There are some scenarios that allow the Pack to get in with a Giants' win but my understanding is that they are all farfetched, and you can ignore it for all practical purposes. (This is the "Strength of Victory" tiebreaker, and it will not be completely decided until every team that has been defeated by the Giants and/or the Packers has finished their games.)

3a. The Rams must either lose to Minnesota, or...

This will not happen unless Brooks Bollinger or Brad Johnson plays. Tavaris Jackson isn't any good. Even if BB or BJ do play, it's still very unlikely that the Vikes can pull off the upset. They suck.

3b. The Rams win, but either the Falcons or the Panthers also win.

This is at least possible, although both face tough tasks. The Falcons play an Eagles team that is trying to win the NFC West. Fortunately, the Panthers play a Saints squad that will just try to stay healthy.

So, we want the Giants and the Rams to lose, and we want either the Panthers or the Falcons (or both) to win.

So, now you have your Saturday and Sunday all planned out. I know that the Pack doesn't deserve to make the playoffs, but then again, neither does anyone else. And one thing I'm sure of is that it's better to make it than not to make it.

Go Pack.


  • I can't decide which would be more embarrassing: making the playoffs with this bad of a team, or not making the playoffs with this bad of an NFC.

    As for draft status. GB can still go anywhere from 9th to 20th. It looks like most of the similar record teams will lose this week. So if GB loses, console yourself with thoughts of a higher pick.

    By Blogger Scott H, at 1:47 AM  

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