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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Your Sunday Football Homework

Is to read this article at Football Outsiders. Especially if you're a packer fan as this section will cheer you up:

After listening to Jaws break down Grossman against the Vikings, I am completely convinced that the Bears have to take him out of the lineup. He was missing open guys all over the field. Sometimes there would be a play designed as a quick throw to a guy in the flat, and Grossman would hold the ball for a while, unsure of himself. A good example is his first pass of the whole game. It was a swing to Thomas Jones, wide open, moving towards the right sideline. Grossman actually threw the ball so late that Jones couldn’t catch it in bounds. Last year, I wrote in one of the DVOA commentaries on FOX about the fact that top defenses in the salary cap era rarely play at a high level for more than one season. Chicago has bucked that trend, with a spectacular defense for the second straight year. They aren’t going to make it three. This is their shot at the Super Bowl. There’s almost no chance of Grossman fixing these problems over the next four weeks. Maybe it messes him up for the future, but the window of opportunity is open now. As our buddies at BP say, “Flags fly forever.”

Lovie Smith seems to be marries to the Grossman, but it is worth mentioning that Brian Griese did take about half of the snaps this week. I've been torturing my Bear fan friends by predicthat thta the Bears' easy schedule down the stretch will allow Rex's terrible play to go largely unnoticed until they get destroyed in their first playoff game. And they all now think that I'm right.


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