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Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogroll update

I decided to update our blogroll a bit. It had gotten pretty cluttered. There were quite a few links that haven't worked in months... or years. So they're gone. I also have a few links I added. Here are some links you should check out:

One of my classmates, Texas Scott, had a well popular blog for the last few years. He has discontinued it but he selected what he thought were his best posts and compiled them together here. Scott got a book deal out of his blog. Na 'bad.

My friend Amanda has taken her myspace blog more public here. Amanda is a pretty interesting girl. She teaches in a French immersion high school in the hood, and she's a model. And she seems to drink a lot. Most of her early posts are copied and pasted from her old myspace blog, but well worth reading. I like this one, about the time that Badger football star Booker Stanley stole $3 from her at Taco Bell not long before he was convicted of several felonies.

I also added a few blogs I found by way of Ace Cowboy: Jason Mulgrew and [redacted]. Both these guys have made me laugh out loud more than once. Mulgrew is the epitome of the blog success story. If there is such a thing. I'm sure they'll make a TV movie about him someday. The story of a regular Joe that, through self-depreciating humor and the interweb, became one of People Magazine's 50 Hottest bachelors.

We should all be so lucky.


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