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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How To Properly Waste Money On The Super Bowl

The Football Outsiders have their annual prop bet column up. I will contribute the same advice that I always give.

If you are betting on the MVP, your best value bet is to go with a defensive back. Corners and safeties are frequently in a position to make huge, game-changing plays and you will always get nice odds. Remember, Larry Brown of the Dallas Cowboys is a past winner, as is Dexter Jackson of the Tampa Bay Bucs. While QBs tend to win the thing you won't get much bang for your buck with Peyton Manning. I'd go with either Bob Sanders (he's been getting attention as the alleged savior of the Indy defense) or Ricky Manning Jr. The Bear nickel back has a tendency (or at least a reputation) of making big plays in big games.

Oh, and on the over/under on the national anthem take the under. Joel's voice, while very distinctive and very good in its own right, isn't terribly strong. He will likely go for a concise, tasteful anthem.


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