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Friday, January 05, 2007

Resolutions (some broken already).

One of my new year’s resolutions is to start writing stuff on this thing again. Not every day, but a couple times a week. Since I’ve already failed in one out of my five resolutions, I thought I should write something. Without further ado, here are my new year’s resolutions:

1. Get back in shape. This is of course the grand-daddy of resolutions. Who doesn’t make this one? (For the last 8 years or so I’ve fallen in and out of shape. I ran cross-country my first year of college. I was pretty mediocre—just under 27 minutes for 8k was my best—but I was pretty fit nonetheless. I was probably the skinniest I’ve ever been. I think at 5’10” I was tipping the scales at a buck-sixty or so, which, by the way, was too fat to be a runner according to my coach. But screw that jerk, I have big shoulders, gimme a break. I suffered a knee injury during track season that ended my running career and then I got fat. Then I got tired of being fat. Then I tried out for the swim team. I got really fit again. I think “jacked” would be the word. I got sick of swimming after two seasons because, well, swimming sucks. So I got a little fat again. Then I started doing triathlons off and on. Fit, fat, fit, fat. And so it goes. I did Ironman in ’04 and sometime during the training, or maybe during the race, I got a stress fracture in my shin. Then I became an attorney. I havn’t been able to get back in very good shape since.) Before, I was sort of an all-or-nothing workout guy. A two-mile run wasn’t worth it. Two workouts per week? I might as well do none. I only worked out at all if I could work out hard and often. My new plan is different than past plans. I’m going to focus on weights and only do about four aerobic workouts per week. I think this is more manageable than the varsity sport and Ironman routines I’ve done in the past.

2. Read some books. I think I read about five books in 2006. Lame, I know. But I was busy and I drink a lot. A few years ago, Paul did this thing called “The 50 Book Challenge,” in which he read 50 books in a year. I think some of them were economics textbooks. Paul is smarter (read: nerdier) than I am so I invented my own “challenge.” I call it “The 25 Book Challenge.” So I’m going to read 25 books this year. Here’s where I need your help. I have a list of books I want to read this year. Right now I’m reading “The System of the World” by Neal Stephenson and “The Singularity is Near” by Ray Kurzweil. I think they’re both over 800 pages. I have a few other pretty substantial books on my list too. If I’m going to finish this thing, I’m going to have to pick some books under 300 pages or so. Any recommendations?

3. Don’t consume red meat, fried foods or beer during the week. Anything still goes on the weekends. I broke this one last night when I went to a restaurant called Carnevore (No, I don't know why they spell it wrong) with the folks. Yeah, believe it or not, I ate red meat at a restaurant called “Carnevore.” And I had a few beers. But I still plan on getting back on track with this one. Interestingly, five 6’6” or taller African-American gentleman came into the restaurant. I didn’t recognize any of them as Bucks, but to be honest, I wouldn’t recognize about half the team and didn’t get a really good look at these guys. They could have been Cavaliers too since the Bucks play them tonight. Is it wrong of me to assume that very tall black guys eating $80 kobe steaks (note: I had a standard $35 regular cow steak and it was awesome) are professional basketball players?

4. Become a homeowner. I’m looking at condos downtown. I keep hearing that it’s a buyer’s market or something. My current lease ends on April 30th. So I'm going to try tofind a cool place in the next few months.

5. Write more garbage on this blog.

So that’s 2007 for me. Any of youse guys have New Year’s resolutions for aught-seven?


  • Two thoughts:

    Try being a runner with a 187lbs on a 6' frame. Even at 6% and no lifting I was "too big" for a runner.

    Also, I don't know how you're going to survive without red meat weekdays. I suggest lots of chicken breasts and not counting Friday night as a weekday (Sunday night is easier).


    I think everyone should know what is in "Age of Propaganda" by Pratkanis & Aronson. You may know that stuff, but it's an easy enough read.

    "Real Boys" by William Pollack is an interesting read about the psycho-social nature of male upbringing.

    If you don't have a psych background "Blink" and "Tipping Point" are supposed to be interesting reads.

    By Blogger Scott H, at 1:06 PM  

  • "Try being a runner with a 187lbs on a 6' frame."

    That's pretty close to what I'm about to try. I think I'm around 175 or 180 right now and I'm about to try being a runner again.

    As for the meat thing, Friday night is definately part of the weekend.

    Blink and Tipping Point are great suggestions. I've been meaning to read Gladwell's books but forgot about them until you mentioned them. Plus I think they're on Paul's shelf somewhere.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 1:30 PM  

  • I hope that's all muscle Danny. At least you can lose it.

    On the other hand, I did pretty well at that weight and above.

    Good luck.

    By Blogger Scott H, at 1:38 AM  

  • "Is it wrong of me to assume that very tall black guys eating $80 kobe steaks (note: I had a standard $35 regular cow steak and it was awesome) are professional basketball players?"

    It's better than assuming they're drug dealers.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:19 AM  

  • Interesting, I've been doing the no red meat / beer thing during the week as well. And I've gotten my red meat consumption down to maybe every other Sunday where I either eat lamb tenderloins or Bison from Ted's Montana Grill.

    I have some life management revisions that could be considered new year's resolutions but I have been working on them for months and it is pure coincidence that I've finished my analysis and redesign of a few of my living processes now. In general I just try to resolve that at the end of the year I can say that I'm a better person than at the same time the year before.

    I thought about the homeowner thing too but some revelations from my life analysis say that it might not be the move - despite the enormous buyers market in downtown ATL.

    Happy New Year sirs!

    By Anonymous Rashid Muhammad, at 10:31 AM  

  • You too Rashid.

    Danny, also A.J. Jacobs, "The Know-It-All" and Ron Bailey's "Liberation Biology. I'll send some Gladwell home with the Rents.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 11:01 PM  

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