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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dr. Who?

This may be a very nerdy week of posts from me. Sure I'll talk about the Badgers narrow loss to OSU which they would have won had Brian Butch not dislocated his elbow, and the Brewers, who I am hugely optimistic on, but as of now, I have recently finished the first season of the BBC's new Dr. Who series starring Christoper Eccleston, and I can say without hesitation that Christoper Eccleston is the finest Doctor in the history of the series. I say this even though he had sub-par material to work with. He was great. It was emotional, believable (always tough in Doctor Who), absolutely fantastic and in the complete spirit of the series. I'll watch the next season, but the next Doctor has no chance. None. I wanted the first season to go on longer.

Tom Baker and his scarf were great. I like those shows a great deal, but the first season of the new show hits everything right. Just fantastic. The Sci-fi Sherlock at his absolute best.

The highlight of the first season takes place during the WWII blitz in London and was written by "Coupling" head writer Steven Moffat. It is one of the few episodes in which the Doctor prevails 100%, and the payoff is completely worth it

I should explain further.

In any given episode of Dr. Who, it is normal for the Doctor to have two choices: Bad and worse. Generally, the Doctor manages a resolution that is slightly better than "bad." It is not unusual for millions to die. Normally a person in the Doctor's place would be continually depressed, but the great thing about the Doctor is his perspective. It is universal. When the Daleks threaten all of existence he is basically forced to choose between defeat and killing all Daleks and Humans together. He has previously killed every Dalek and Timelord to save the universe. He plays his game on a huge scale and rarely blinks. He does what he has to do, and takes great joy in small victories.

The Doctor is, perhaps, my favorite television character of all time.

Here's The Timelords' classic video, Doctorin' The TARDIS:


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