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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I don't have much to say about the Wisconsin game last night, because frankly it wasn't that surprising. And as bad as Wisconsin played, they were probably one play away from winning anyway. The big guys didn't respond quickly enough to the fact that no fouls would be called down low, Drew Neitzel hit a few big shots (and a few lucky ones) Walton hit that ridiculous three near the end of the first half, and as usual, the Badger free-throw shooting took the night off.

(And how annoying is Brent Musburger, by the way? Near the end of the game that big red-headed power forward just grabbed Brian Butch and tackled him out of bounds which allowed MSU to grab the rebound, and Musburger applauded the red-head's effort. I don't think that Brent has any specific animus towards Wisconsin, he just got caught up with the underdog. I just found him extremely irritating since I was rooting for the favorite, and they were not that much of a favorite.)

Let's focus on the Badgers though, since Michigan State didn't do anything that noteworthy. Marcus Landry played great, but once again missed two big free throws. All of the big guys, Butch, Krabbenhoft, Chappell, were not nearly physical enough. It's rare to see Wisconsin get pushed around like that. Some of it was officiating, but most of it was a failure to adjust to the officiating. Wisconsin also bailed on its offense too early and resorted to low-percentage three-pointers. This is not their forte, and they still had plenty of time to run Tucker in the post before panicking the way that they did. Finally, I never want to see Michael Flowers take another three-pointer. I cringe whenever I see it, much like I did whenever Charlie Wills would shoot in the 2000 season. (No Charlie!) He's a great defensive player, like Mike Kelley, but he can't shoot, like...Mike Kelley.

I suspect they will rebound and at least look respectable against OSU, and I'm willing to wager a fair sum that they will annihilate Michigan State in the Kohl Center next week.

Oh, and did you see the beginning of the LSU-Kentucky game in Kentucky? Did you notice the ESPN cameraman who lingered just a little too long on the fan holding the "Tim Hardaway Hates LSU" sign? They held the shot for 3 long seconds, at which point the producer and the cameraman realized simultaneously that this was offensive and you got the standard "fast cutaway/fast pullaway." Way to go Kentucky. At least it's impossible for me to think any less of you than I already did.


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