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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Marquette Is Screwed

Jerel McNeal will not play in Marquette's first round game against Michigan State. He has a bum thumb. Marquette has a really tough draw as they have North Carolina waiting for them should they get by MSU somehow. McNeal is probably Marquette's most important player. He is the only player who can reliably create his own shot, whereas Dominic James tends to force bad jumpers. This will allow him to force more of them.

Wisconsin, on the other hand, got a very favorable draw. They still can't beat any team with solid interior defense, but the only really threatening team that I see is Florida in the far off future.

Wisconsin has taken a lot of crap for their offense lately, but it's important to remember that they finished the season @MSU, @OSU, MSU, Purdue (neutral), MSU (neutral), OSU (neutral). That's a tough schedule, much of it on the road, and with no possibility of catching your opponent unprepared. Izzo, Matta, and Ryan all know each other inside and out, and the players are all well aware of what their opponents are trying to do. They know how to defend against each other, and all are above average to excellent defensively.

As soon as Wisconsin gets to play an unfamiliar team they will probably put up a ton of points and absolutely destroy them. This team did average over 70 points a game, after all. Pundits kept talking about Wisconsin's scoring problems during selection Sunday, but the schedule had much more to do with that than anything else. Butch's injury hurts, but it's not like he was a star on the team. They'll be fine.


  • WTF? Where's my comment?

    Anyway, I said Butch's absence will hurt against team with size and good help defenders at the 4 & 5 because Butch's 3 pt range forced defenders to come out further, which opens up space inside for Tucker. Stiessma has a nice shot too, but he doesn't seem to have the range of Butch. Plus having two guys like that is nice on D for doubling big scorers (like Oden) and keeping the big guys fresh. I think you're right for the early rounds though. Depends on who they meet later.

    By Blogger Scott H, at 6:04 PM  

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