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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Bucks Did The Smart Thing

Look, the Bucks sucked big hairy synthetic basketballs this year, I admit that, but shutting down Redd, Bogut, and Charlie the Wussy was the only rational thing to do. This year's draft class looks to be very good and while it's deep, it does look like the guys at the top will be championship caliber, long term stars. Openly tanking the last month was the right thing to do.

In basketball one guy can make a difference more than in any other sport. If the Bucks land Durant or Oden, and if they play up to even 50% of their capabilities, the Bucks would be instant title contenders next year. In football the influence of your individual draftees is diluted by dozens of other players. In baseball they toil in the minors for a few seasons. Basketball draft really is a lottery. If you hit the jackpot and land a Shaq or Wade or Duncan, you can be in the finals right now. This looks to be one of those years and missing out on your chance to land one of the top players would not be in the team's best interest.

The NBA could fix the tanking problem by changing the draft lottery system, but until they do, the Bucks did the right thing.


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