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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gevin Menchkins For The All-Star Team

I'm a big fan of specialization. It's very efficient. When you have people concentrating on what they do best you tend to have better outcomes. It's the reason that no one sews their own clothes anymore (except for recreation).

I'm also a big fan of the "runningback-by-committee" in football. Sure it screws your fantasy team, but teams tend to be more effective when their backs are well-rested, and when they do not suffer injury as frequently.

I am, therefore, a huge fan of platooning guys who mash against opposite-side pitchers, especially if you can get a bargain, and especially in the NL where substitutions are frequent. While the Jenkins/Mench platoon isn't particularly cheap, it has been extremely effective.

Kevin Mench is currently hitting a whopping .356/.357/.542, with 2 dingers. Mench will probably not maintain that level, especially if he doesn't walk a bit more, but he will be productive against lefties all season.

Jenkins has been every bit as good as Mench, killing righties to the tune of .352/.397/.593, with 3 HRs.

Currently, Gevin Menchkins is on pace to put up the following numbers:

BA: .354
OBP: .377
SLG: .568
HR: 39
RBI: 136
Runs Scored: 136

As one player, they are the equal of any All-Star corner outfielder playing. So support this platoon and write in Gevin Menchkins on your All-Star ballot. It might even make them happier about the situation, and the longer they stay in a straight platoon, the better it is for the club.


  • I'm a big fan of the Jenkins-Mench platoon too, but I've just about had it with people combining two players' names into one. C'mon man. Not you too? The other day I read some article about the Crew's closers being awesome and the moron that wrote it tried to combine Derek Turnbow and Francisco Cordero into one name and that was about all I could take.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 8:08 PM  

  • Combining Cordero and Turnbow is stupid, especially since Turnbow is already D-Bow, and when he strikes someone out I say "You got struck the fuck out."

    But I think this one is OK. Have you seen this before? Where? I can't recall players having their names combined in the popular press. Celebrity couples yes, but not athletes. I'm looking forward to Jete-Rod.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 9:27 PM  

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