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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Opening Day, Part 2

On the Saturday prior to opening day I got food poisoning at my wife's birthday party (NOT from my wife's cooking, mind you) and then my Chevy broke down on Sunday. This made getting to Milwaukee rather difficult, and inspired me to write a country song, which sucks, because I hate country.

As a result I got to experience the luxury of railway travel, and I must say that I'm a fan. I hopped on the Amtrak Hiawatha Line with about 25 other people on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, kicked back, sipped a cranberry juice, slept a little, brushed up on my baseball reading, and arrived in Milwaukee feeling very refreshed. I actually ended up with my very own train car. It was way better than having a limo. They even serve booze.

While I'm theoretically against Amtrak and its rather large government subsidy, as long as it does exist I may as well derive some benefit from it.

Once in Milwaukee Danny picked me up and I met up with some friends from law school at a bar where we ripped on our one friend who couldn't make it this year just because he has a newborn baby.


This was made more shameful by the fact that one of the guys who did make it has a Catholic wife and like 17 kids. He managed to get there, no problem.

We all have assigned tasks for our opening day tailgate. I get the beer (obviously), someone else gets chips and dip, brats, etc. Our absent friend? He brings an onion. Fortunately we did not go onionless this year as our chip guy stepped up to the plate.

I had to take it easy beer-wise due to the sensitive stomach, but it was still a good time. Fortunately watching baseball sober is not nearly as bad a fishing sober, contrary to popular belief. Ben Sheets pitched a gem, they pounded out 7 runs, and nobody from my party was ejected.

I should also mention that private portable toilets and lawn games (Washers, Bolo Toss, Cornhole, etc are becoming more ubiquitous at the tailgate. I was especially impressed and disgusted by our neighbors bathroom setup. (They also brought their own bar. Not just the booze, but a physical bar.) It consisted of a bucket, a seat, a long rubber tube, and a tall tent. The toilet went in the tent, and the rubber tube went into the sewer system. Number 2 was banned, obviously. You can wait in a big line to use the John while tailgating, or you can offer a buck or two to any private bathroom owner. Good stuff.

Now my stomach is more or less back to normal, and I'm heading back up to Milwaukee for Brewers/Cubs on Saturday, which should be a brutal (but fun) rivalry this year. Plus, Easter Brewer games have been great in the past.


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