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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Draft Fallout

The nice way to characterize the Packers' draft would be to call it a "long term" draft. Mainly it was just confusing. We took an undersized, injury prone, interior defensive lineman with our first pick. He did not look impressive in games, so I'm told. It does not address a huge need. Maybe they know something I don't, in fact, they probably do, but really, I like my picks to have shown something on the field, and Justin Harrell did not do that. I don't follow college ball as closely as I do professional football, but I've never heard of most of these guys, and usually I've heard of at least one or two.

My ignorance does not make it a bad draft, of course, but I smell Jamal Reynolds, and it is not a pretty smell.

Cleveland did well. Their o-line sucked, and Joe Thomas should be an instant improvement. Their QB sucked and Brady Quinn, even if he's just average, should be a huge improvement. Cleveland really had no choice but to improve, and these were both "duh" picks, but they still deserve credit for not screwing up.

Detroit took another receiver, but it's hard to knock them for grabbing Calvin Johnson. Every other team would have done exactly the same thing. They also drafted Michigan States' Drew Stanton, and while he's a decent pro prospect, I can't help wondering if Millen did this just for the home town draw.

Minnesota, desperately in need of a QB, went with the oft injured Adrian Peterson. I hate taking RBs in the first round, and while this pick is certainly defensible as he was the best player available on many boards, I don't think Peterson will do much to improve a Vikings team that simply cannot pass the ball.

Finally, the Bears draft looked unspectacular, but solid. They nabbed a member of the 7th Floor Crew, which does fill a need, but the best part is that we still get to see Rex Grossman play real NFL football games, as they stayed away from QBs. I'm happy about this.

Except for the Quinn-fall I though it was a boring draft. I'm always disappointed by the draft because nothing really changes until you actually see everyone play. I've never felt like a Packer draft pick was a sure-fire star. I wonder if they have just never had one, or if all fans are like that, even when a Barry Sanders or John Elway is joining the team.


  • Chris Leak, the quarterback of the national champion Florida Gators, signed a free-agent contract with the Chicago Bears after going undrafted in this weekend's NFL

    Paul I am sorry to put a crimp in your happiness, but:

    "Chris Leak, the quarterback of the national champion Florida Gators, signed a free-agent contract with the Chicago Bears after going undrafted in this weekend's NFL draft."

    I thought he was always underrated, yet able to turn it on in the big game, putting it altogether despite Auburn. He is a winner, and with a fellow Gator mentor/buddy? in Rex, Chicago will be good to Chris Leak. Grossman is not the future, so can he step up, early even? Will be fun to watch, huh?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:23 PM  

  • I don't think he's an NFL QB, and I'll be surprised if he makes the team. If he does, I will be even more happy.

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 4:04 PM  

  • The last "sure-fire" star who worked out was Sterling Sharpe. Of course everyone wanted Tim Brown. That's the problem when you're usually drafting in the 20's.

    I think the NFL's 3 year running gag where they have a QB suffer in the Green room while he falls is pretty cute, but they should really let the QB in on the gag. He could do things to play it up like tear out his hair, or throw down his jacket and stomp on it, or have a barbershop quartet come in and sing "so sorry" to him. Reenact overemotional scenes from Spanish language soaps. At pick 15 the guy whips out a bottle and every pick thereafter the guy has to do a shot until he's picked, at which point he starts to do one only to do a spittake when his name is called.

    Um, so basically I actually had cable this year and watched the draft and it wasn't exciting enough for me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 AM  

  • anonymous is Scott H. Blogger now hates me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:40 AM  

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