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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Great Silencer

Scott Feldstein was recently banned by Fred Dooley, author of the hilariously titled "Real Debate Wisconsin" blog. He bans people all the time, and not for bad language or anything like that. Just for disagreeing with him and probably making him look silly. Our old pal Jesusisjustalrightwithme was banned some time ago for similar reasons (you can read about that in the comments of Scott's post, linked above).

This made me realize how much I like Mr. Isjustalrightwithme's excellent trolling over the last couple of years. If you Google "Jesusisjustalrightwithme" it actually returns a veritable treasure trove of JIJAWM arguments in the comments sections of various blogs. This is a personal favorite of mine. This was good too.

I spent far too much of my afternoon reading these.


JIJAWM e-mailed the following:

Thanks for the link. This one is my favorite.

He just didn't answer. I so got him.


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