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Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Football Time, and Peanut Butter Jelly Time

First, football time.

This NFL season has been really strange for the following reasons:

1. All good fantasy RBs are craptacular.

Fuck the heck is going on here? Frank Gore is young, and not overworked at all. So is Steve Jackson. Ladanian has the Norv excuse and LJ has the 370 carry-rule excuse, but this is weird. I mean, Travis Henry has more yards than all of these guys. We're one injury away from having Selvin Young as the league's leading rusher.

2. Defense, apparently, does not win championships.

See: Ravens, Bears. I mean, G.M Chrysler!

3, The Packer coaches apparently just read "The Blind Side." I'm inexcusably late to the party on Michael Lewis's latest, but watching the Packers quick-pass, no-run offense was so reminiscent of reading of the early days of Bil Walsh's newfangled "West Coast" offense that it was almost scary. Almost like the original has generated so many adaptations that it has become fresh again, and the Packers are running it.

4. Norv Turner sucks.

Have you read Bill Simmons column about Norv standing on 16 at the blackjack table. I'm not going to find it for you, but I've never agreed with a Sports Guy point quite so much. If your head football coach doesn't hit a 16 against a 10, fire his ass.

5. Who are the Bears?

They're who I thought they were.

6. Who is the best team in the NFC West?

I have no idea. My brain says that it should be San Fran, but there is clearly no evidence to support this. Seattle appears to be the "class" of the division, despite a severely declining Shaun Alexander. What gives? My theory is that Matt Hasselbeck is actually much better than he gets credit for.

7. Pecota Rules.

Yes, yes it does.

8. New England is awesome.

This is almost like the "What if Barry Sanders had a good o-line" question being answered. What if Tom Brady had good receivers. Apparently, he would kick a lot of ass.

9. I think that this is about right.

10. Brett Favre would not make a good GM.

Brett spent the offseason whining about a lack of good receivers, and Ted Thompson spent the offseason ignoring him and building a championship caliber defense. Moving KGB back to a third down specialist is a great move. Kampman is great. Moving Cullen Jenkins into the starting lineup is genius. Nick Barnett looks great. So does Hawk. Al Harris and Charles Woodson will capitalize on pressure. Where the hell did Atari Bigby come from?

Better yet, the receivers are actually pretty good. I'm already drinking the kool-aid on James Jones, and Greg Jenning looks like he did before the injury last year.

This team is now built to win with or without Favre. The fact that he's playing out of his frickin' mind is an extra-special bonus.

I like this team. So does DVOA.

Oh, and, as promised, here's Peanut Butter Jelly Time.


  • “PB and J Time” is played over the office intercom when our sales team, well, sells something. It's obnoxious, but fun. I never knew what the heck that was until I started working where I currently do.

    Good site by the way.

    By Anonymous karen, at 10:08 AM  

  • About right? Maybe, except Fuck Elway. Seriously, Elway never had years like Favre did and at the same age Elway was a shell of himself whereas Favre is again carrying an offense.

    That and I can't really compare to the guys from before 1983.

    By Blogger Scott, at 2:29 PM  

  • wait, when did blogger decide that I'm "Scott".

    Scott H

    By Blogger Scott, at 2:31 PM  

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