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Monday, October 22, 2007

Mark Anderson, The New KGB.

Last year, Bear defensive lineman Mark Anderson had a brilliant year as a pass-rushing third-down specialist. For some reason, the Bears decided to make him a starter based on all of his sacks even though he's undersized (only 255 lbs.) and can't stop the run. It also tires him out for those situations where his pass-rushing skills are needed.

This is very reminiscent of Packer DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. KGB recorded 13.5 sacks as a third-down specialist in 2001, and was moved into the starting lineup for the next several years. Even though he played more downs in subsequent years, he never exceeded his part-time sack total again (although he did match it in 2004)

This year he was moved off of the starting lineup in favor of the more well-rounded Cullen Jenkins, and both players have thrived because of it. When KGB started he was a huge liability against the run as larger players simply dominated him.

The Bears, of all teams, should be familiar with the KGB situation. They play in the same division as the Packers and have presumably capitalized on KGB's poor every-down play. KGB was out there for sacks and nothing else. Why then, would the Bears make the same mistake. The Bear's other option would be Alex Brown, a fine all-around player. It is very likely that the Bears difficulties against the run this year could be all but solved through this simple switch.

Fortunately, the Bears are dumb.


  • I guess they were hoping he was more like Jason Taylor than KGB.

    By Anonymous Scott H, at 1:50 AM  

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