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Friday, November 02, 2007

CTA Doomsday

I frequently pick on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) just because they occasionally try to murder me. Lately, they've been running their biannual "Doomsday" advertisements in which they attempt to convince people who don't ride public transit to pay more in taxes so that people who do ride public transit don't have to pay an extra dollar in fares. It's surprisingly effective.

On one of their signs on the train (they put their advertising up everywhere during "Doomsday month" to the exclusion of revenue-generating advertisements) they compare their level of state funding with the transit systems in San Francisco, Boston, and L.A. You will notice that these three systems exist in very high-tax states. You will also notice that New York City is conspiscuously absent.

But I'm not here today to bore you with financial minutiae. Oh no. I'm here today to report on what CTA Chairwoman Carole Brown said in an interview in the RedEye this morning. (It's not yet online, so I'm copying the quote from the paper version.)

Carole Brown wants more funding because:

We don't advertise it, but during the day, we increase bus service around certain schools and high schools to clear the campus and avert conflicts...keeping kids from being caught up in gang activity.

She goes on to say that if service is cut...

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what might happen.

That's right. Public transit prevents gang activity. Kids are apparently waiting around after school, getting bored, and joining least until the bus shows up to save the day!

We commuters have heard many stupid reasons to call our legislators about CTA funding, but this one is probably the worst. And as everyone in the city knows, they could probably fix all of their problems by firing all of Todd Stroger's second cousins.

(Note: You really should click on the Todd Stroger link, just to see his nickname on Wikipedia while it's still there.)

Update: This morning the Wikipedia entry for Todd Stroger listed him as Todd "Urkel the Douchebag" Stroger. Seriously. It has now been edited to Todd "Urkel" Stroger.


  • I have to somewhat agree with what you are saying. As a CTA Customer, I believe that the RTA needs mroe funding but it is not everyone's job to pay for the RTA's woes. That's why a gambling expansion plan would be good fo rthe State of Illinois. Have some of the funds diverted to the highways in southern Illinois and have the some of it go to the RTA. To be truthful, I think Doomsday should've happened.

    By Blogger JakeCP, at 10:56 PM  

  • FACT: Toddler Urkel Stroger is the least competent leader in the history of Crook County (not a typo thanks to Al Capone)!

    By Anonymous Zwyzuntripica, at 1:00 PM  

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