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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Does This Mean That Pat Robertson Supports Hurricanes?

Former presidential candidate and faith-healing weirdo Pat Robertson has endorsed the twice-divorced, gay-friendly cross-dresser, Rudolf Giuliani for President of the United States.

If memory serves, Pat Robertson often says crazy things like 'God will destroy Florida because of Disney's "Gay Days."' For instance:

Mr. Robertson said tolerance of homosexual activity ''could bring about earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor.'' He warned Orlando, then festooned with flags marking the gay celebration: ''You are right in the way of some serious hurricanes and I don't think I'd be waving those flags in God's face if I were you.''

What can we conclude from this? Clearly, Pat Robertson wants to destroy the country.

I mean, either that or he's a phony hypocrite who cares more about winning an election than the actual issues involved.

I wonder, given the "end times" mentality of some evangelicals, which option is actually more plausible.


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