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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Circuit City: Thieves

The computer that I am currently using was supposed to come with a $200 mail-in rebate from Circuit City. It has been quite some time now, and despite a ton of complaining, and resending of forms, we have yet to receive this money. Can a major company really afford to steal large amounts of cash from its customers? Really?

I buy a lot of electronics, and I'm confident that the loss of my business will cost them more than $200. I will have my revenge in this way, but I'm still shocked that this makes good business sense.

I would advise all of you to stay away from Circuit City, and especially their mail-in rebates. Odds are you will never see the money.

At least I'm not alone. Kevin Drum and Arnold Kling have been duped as well, and Arnold is an economist.


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