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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Winter's Tale, by Mark Helprin

I had two favorite books. They are Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, and Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys. I now have a third.

I can't really do it justice. I'm not sure I want to try. Helprin is a brilliant writer. This is a first-rate modern fairy tale. It features one of the most well-developed characters in literature in Peter Lake. The supporting characters are nearly as familiar. After you finish, you feel you've lost friends. This is the sure signal of complete character development. Even the horse will probably draw a tear from a few of you.

Having me describe the plot would be pointless. The simplest model of the universe is the universe. So it is with this book. It is not short, but don't be intimidated. It's worth it. It is a book that I am almost sure to read again.


  • I'll definately check this out. You were right about the other two. Cryptonomicon is my favorite and Wonderboys is top 10 for fiction.

    By Blogger Danny from Milwaukee, at 9:29 AM  

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